Why should you use a ProXPN Coupon

OKKKK, so this topic might sound crazy to some but others might wanna know. Why the heck should I use a coupon when getting a subscription at ProXPN? The obvious and undisputed reason is – to save money! As they say in one of my favorite Sprint commercials ( OK I’ll post the video just in case you’ve missed it) – some people are stinky rich and really don’t need to be saving money.

But ” the other half” ( hint, You and me) will quite enjoy saving as much as possible when an opportunity arises. And in this particular case we have a legit chance to save big – as we mentioned in the main ProXPN coupon article  , You get to save up to a massive 62% with code MEGA12. This is pretty good amount of savings if you ask me and there really is not excuse not to take advantage of this discount offer.

The only reason I can think of for somebody to pay full price for anything when given the option to get a cheaper promotional price is in the rare case they really, and mean really love the company offering the product or service and as a sign of respect and a “job well done” – pay in full. But than again , this is probably only for the “stinky rich” folks and it doesn’t apply to our sophisticated , value oriented readers.

As always – enjoy the savings and the blazing fast, secure VPN from ProXPN.