Simple rules to stay safe in ” real life”

Even thou this website’s primary focus is how to stay safe and secure online, let’s take a quick break break from that for a second and talk about how to stay safe “off-line” in real life. Burglaries, home invasions or worse are things we hear about all the time from friends and family, co-workers or on TV . You probably know someone personally that has been the victim of a home invasion. Home invasions are not uncommon, and you need to take steps to keep your home safe. The following article will give you advice to help make your home security. Following these simple yet very effective rules can help You stay safe and out of harms way.

You never want to open your door to someone you do not know. People try many ways to trick others into letting them in so they can commit burglary or worse. Make a house rule in your home that you only open your door to people who you were expecting.Police Department
See what your area police department offers in terms of home security programs. They may offer things such as home inspections, home inspections, and other guidance about securing your house. Call the local police department and inquire as to what is available.

Some maintain that rural residents lead riskier lives because they are far away from neighbors. Others think that burglars are not as likely to target rural places have less of a chance of being targets for burglars.
Use your home’s walls to store valuables. You don’t need to cut out segments of your walls. Many areas in your house are already cut that can be used for this purpose.
Don’t put extra keys under floor mats or plants. These are the first places for you when they try to enter your key. Burglars are familiar with these hiding places.

Don’t leave the empty boxes from your recent purchases out  in plain sight. Having these boxes around for a while will give people an idea of items that are inside your home and “encourage” the bad ones to take a closer look.
Were you aware that your house wires are very valuable? Lots of people fail to appreciate this until they are stolen. The copper inside the wire is very valuable and may be stripped off a home. Make sure the wiring is concealed or hard to access to keep this valuable property safe.