Linksys VPN routers, quick guide and reviews

Linksys VPN routers are some of the most popular products on the market today. VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, which is what most businesses today need in order to operate efficiently. They are just one of the many products offered by a company that is owned by Cisco Systems and was originally founded in 1995. Cisco is one of the biggest names in computer peripherals and office-based solutions today, and acquired the Linksys brand in 2003. After deciding to keep the original name on the routers for consumer recognition purposes, they began creating great new items for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Later on in 2013 Cisco sold the business to Belkin and they as well decided to keep the brand name since it’s one of the best known names in the industry.

Belkin offers a variety of Linksys products, including Linksys VPN routers, personal internet routers, cameras, VoIP equipment, wireless cameras, AV products, and consumer and small business Ethernet switching products, among many other things. Their routers have provided a great networking solution for many businesses of all sizes, making communication easier than ever. These routers have many features and benefits, including the following:

-Stateful Packet Inspection Firewall instead of filtered security for higher protection of data transmissions

-Further data protection through secure connections to home computers, mobile devices, and other devices that are not in the physical office

-Connectivity and wireless adaptability to ensure efficiency and maximum speed of operation in every business setting

-Products and solutions for businesses of every size that need more security in their networking

-No compromising connectivity for the sake of security

-Affordable solutions from a reputable brand that has been known to produce useful, effective products

Choosing Your Model

Finding the ideal router for your business needs can prove to be a difficult challenge. If you know your options a little better, making the right decision might become simpler as time goes on. Of course, you can also find a qualified networking service or professional that works with the Linksys family of products and get their support in finding the perfect routers for your business needs. There are many models of  to choose from and each has its own features and benefits to consider.

Your business needs the benefits of a networking infrastructure that can stand up to the power that a business requires. This is no home office, and you need to have the best equipment on hand at all times. The network that you create should include Linksys VPN routers with features like:
-VPN capabilities

-VLAN for segregation

-Management of threats to protect security

-Wireless access for mobile and guest devices
Any Linksys VPN routers that you buy will include these features as a standard for your business. That means that you can depend on this brand to help you fulfill your business needs. To help you learn more about different products and which ones will be right for your company, here are some reviews of the most popular models.

The Linksys RV016 is a 16-port VPN router designed to handle the needs of a larger business. Because of the variety of connections that are available, versatility and productivity are at an all-time high with this model. Two lines will cover your internet connections, while the rest can be used as needed to connect your network together in one place with a secure, data-encrypted solution to small office networking.
Unlike other VPN routers, this model can serve as a DHCP, or Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol, server. It also provides the high-end SPI firewall in lieu of traditional filtered security. Providing more security than most models and a great selection of features that anyone can appreciate, this router definitely makes itself worth the investment. You also get full IPsec VPN capabilities with DES and 3DES encryption, as well as the use of up to 100 VPN tunnels simultaneously. The RV016 will support up to 50 QuickVPN users, as well.

The model RV082 is among the most advanced . This model includes 8 ports for access along with dual internet ports that provide access for 2 connections. A business can use this to have a backup connection waiting in case the primary line fails or to divide the requirements of the office between two different internet connections to provide maximum efficiency for the office tasks and productivity.This is a product that has an excellent price vs. value rating, as well as an extremely high IPsec tunnel throughout the entire process. This high-end model is designed for bigger offices with higher demands for VPN access. Unlike many routers, this is the advanced model that provides all the features that a business needs that make it anything but standard. Of all of the VPN routers on the market, this product offers the best features and the most inclusive services for the price.The RV082 model allows for termination of VPN tunnels on the network directly, which is a great added feature that isn’t found on most of the basic models, eliminating the need to have dedicated hardware to terminate VPN tunnels throughout the network specifically. For less than $300, you can have one of the best routers in terms of features and security protection, providing big power for very little money.

The RV042 is one of the smaller Linksys routers that are available on the market today. With only 4 ports, this model is ideal for a home office or a very small business that is just starting out. When your needs for connectivity are limited but your demands for security are high, this model is the one that you can depend on. This is an entry-level wired business router, providing basic features and benefits for people who want to get more for less with a basic solution for their VPN needs.

The RV042 supports 30 VPN tunnels, IPsec and PPTP tunnels, XP and Vista OS, and Dual WAN ports. The disadvantages to this product are limited, at best, including mostly issues with documentation of tunnel quantities and a lack of gigabit LAN support. However, for a basic model that provides so much for such a small price, it actually fares quite well compared to other products in the family. Right around $150 is all that you have to spend to add this router to your small business or home office.