ibVPN Review and Deals

Invisible browsing VPN (or ibVPN) is considered an above average provider of VPN services that conceal your online identity and protect your data from security threats on the Internet. The VPN service is owned by Romanian-based Amplusnet, a company that provides custom software solutions.

While the company aggressively markets their VPN features and services, they seem not to have a unique selling point that makes them standout from the rest.

They offer a wide range of plans some of which are specific to particular regions. Obviously, this has some advantages, but the lack of flexibility is a major deal beaker for many potential subscribers.

So before you invest in ibVPN’s offering, here is what you need to know.

Pricing Plans

Admittedly, the company’s pricing packages are very confusing as the company attempts to reach out to a wide audience of users. Packages are split into three major categories: the Premium VPN packages that seem to cater to personal users; the DNS packages; and finally the Family and Small business package.

There are six plans in the Premium category starting from$4.95 per month to $10.95 per month.

The DNS category has only one plan that costs $36.95 per year. It’s disappointing that users have to pay separately to access DNS services.

Finally, the Family and Business category has two plans catering to the two groups of users respectively. Note that your subscription plan determines which servers you can connect to.

In a nutshell, ibVPN’s pricing plans are arguably the most confusing of any top VPN service and to start off this way is a big low for the company.


On the server front, the company has some neat server management because of a relatively small network. With coverage spanning 41 countries (as of this writing), ibVPN claims that you don’t need many countries in your network. They have more than 100 servers in their network although they claim to have been in business for more than a decade and this is kind of strange. But again the number of servers doesn’t mean much if the quality and speeds  aren’t there.

Security and Privacy

ibVPN’s VPN solution utilizes SSTP, OpenVPN, L2TP, and PPTP protocols. May device platforms are supported. In addition to their custom-built VPN app, users can setup the VPN manually on their desktops or mobile devices. Note that the SSTP protocol is available only for Windows users connecting via the company’s UK and US servers.
The privacy statement on the company’s website states that they don’t monitor user activity. However, they do collect and keep personally identifiable information as well as connection time stamps, place of connection, duration of a session, and the bandwidth consumed during the session. This is obviously enough info to properly identify any user on their network and it is evident that they are not 100% committed to user anonymity.


ibVPN offers a live chat support service on their website in addition to a complete help center where you can find a link to a FAQ page, forums, knowledge base, and email contact.


Overall, ibVPN appears to be good only for users located in certain places such as in the US and UK. They have a relatively small network and a complex pricing structure, two big downsides that the company must pull itself out of I order to appeal to a wider user base worldwide. The biggest advantage of ibVPN is the 6 free hours they give each new user to test drive the service and we strongly recommend you take advantage of it and see how you like it. During our test the company showed good speeds both on download and upload and for the price it looks like a good choice , not the best but pretty decent. They are running a “Summer Promo: right now which brings the monthly prize to a very low $1.54 a month on the Standard plan and if this deal is available when you read this article get it since they do offer 15 days money back guarantee.

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