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Today we have a super special deal for you guys – the best Hide.me coupon promo we’ve found! This is like a Black Friday sale and a Cyber Monday sale combined! Click the link below and save a massive 35% on the what they call “the Fastest VPN in the World”:

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As a matter of fact you don’t really need a hideme coupon or promo code – just click, get the discount and enjoy one of the best VPNs we have the pleasure to test and review here.

hide.me coupon

Lets talk a little bit about hide.me – the company.

The first thing worth mentioning is their speed.  They claim to be the world fastest VPN provider and that might very well be the case. We can’t confirm this 100% sine we did not tested each and every VPN out there but from the bunch we did hide.me performed extremely well. We have a Comcast Business internet plan in the office with max speed of 100 Mbps and the usual speed we got without a VPN is in 90-95 Mbps. Take a look at the screenshot we just took using Hide.me’s VPN :

hide.me VPN speed test

Yes! That’s right, a solid 94.01 Mbps download! Virtually no lag! This is pretty amazing because using a VPN one can expect a slowing down of about 10% which is about standard and normal. Well, Hide.me looks like doesn’t care about the “norms” and  provides a pleasantly fast connection. Pair this with the special discount coupon offer we have above and this VPN is a winner!

Hide.Me Review and Verdict

Other bits and pieces about hide.me. They say on their website that they have over 2 million users which is a pretty impressive feat to achieve having in mind they do keep a pretty low profile. You’ll very rarely see any ads on the forums and on the web about them. And we gotta admit we haven’t heard about them up until we found this promotion deal.  So it looks like their success is due on mainly a word of mouth type of growth and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Keeping it small and taking good care of your existing customers and when they are happy they refer their friends and family  is an old school approach we totally respect that. It just came as a surprise how fast this thing was 🙂

Another good thing about them is the “no logs” policy they have. This is a major thing in the VPN industry and no logs should be standard but it ain’t in some cases. So hide.me are doing a good job in this department and get even more thumbs up!

About the Hide.me’s plans. From what we see at the moment they offer 2 plans – “Premium” and “Plus”. The lower on will set you back $3.52 a month after the coupon code posted here and the bigger one will be $7.58 . The difference between the two plans is the number of the simultaneous connections allowed , the data transfer and the port forwarding. A casual VPN user will be OK with the “Plus” plan but you should take a closer look and decide for Yourself what will work for you better.

hide.me promo code offers

And last but not least – hide.me is available on all kinds of devices. Macs, PCs, IOS, Androids and even Apple TVs. This is also a nice variety and something that IMHO all providers should offer right out the box but they don’t. It’s also worth mentioning that the guys at Hideme have top notch, easy to follow setup instructions and they have ton of videos how to properly set up your VPN on their YouTube channel. Also you can easily get in touch with them on social media and ask questions if you have any – this their Facebook page where you can live-chat via messenger.

So let’s summarize – hide.me has a super fast VPN, tons of connections, great variety of supported devices, no logs and now a stunning 35% discount. I don’t know about you but I think we’ve found a hidden gem in the VPN industry. We can only hope the level of speed and service will stay the same through the years and they won’t get bought by some of the big players and turn mediocre.