Things to consider when buying a VPN service

When doing a quick Google search you can easily see that there are a large number of VPN service providers. They have their own network servers with specific parameters and also provides a software with different functionalities. Usually we can find this kind of information on websites of the given VPN services. So what you should to consider when choosing a VPN?

1. Offered VPN protocol

In short, a VPN protocol is a software package which enables to establish an encrypted connection between a VPN client and a server. Different types of VPN service providers may use different protocols.

A little comment at the beginning: VPN service providers combine information about the type of protocol used with nformation about the encryption method used – actually with information about the length of the encryption key, for example 128 bit. Some providers declare that they use a 1024 or even 2048 bit key length! This is nothing more than a clever marketing ploy. Very often, providers are trying to convince users to purchase more expensive services by presenting as a benefit that the length of the encryption key will increase (that is intuitive: the level of security will also increase). The truth is that levels of encryption higher than 128 bit are unnecessary – a 128 bit key would require 3.4 x 1038 operations to crack and the fastest supercomputers in the world need about 1 billion years to do that.

However, the information about the protocol used for establishing a VPN connection is very important. The most popular protocols like PPTP, L2TP or OpenVPN are characterized by different specifications like: connection speed, system compatibility or resistance for attempts at deactivation the operation of the protocol.

2. Server locations and quality

First at all, we need to make sure that the provider we select offers fast, safe and stable servers spread all over the world. This is especially important for business travelers who frequently change location from where they establish a Virtual Private Network connection. When we are surfing the Internet through a mediated connection (VPN) , it’s important to be connected to a server located as close as possible to our physical location – in this case, we won’t notice any difference in Internet speed. If we are using Internet for example from Germany, it’s good to have a possibility to connect to a server located in Germany alone, or at least in Western Europe. Some VPN applications, such as BartVPN connects automatically to the nearest active server – in order to minimize the loss of internet speed. Furthermore, if we are interested in a VPN service, because we want to get access to the services unavailable for users outside the USA or UK, then we have to make sure that the provider possesses servers located in these countries or territories. We also shouldn’t delight beyond measure in the number of available servers – much more important is the quality, speed and stability.

Famous mean better?

It’s not always that the most recognized – coming from the largest publishers – software will be the best for you. The most popular virtual networks are also the most exploited and therefore the most overloaded and vulnerable to failures and attacks.

3. Price

Price is of course a very important factor that can convince us to buy exactly this, and no other software. Usually, a user has the possibility to choose between a few purchase plans that differ from each other the length of the period of access to premium features and the number of available functions. It happens that a user seduced by the seemingly low price of the basic plan, in fact buys the most expensive service (they pay the most in monthly scale) and, in addition, don’t receive access to all the options. A more interesting solution is to differentiate the plans only at the basis of the duration of the access period and to provide equal access to all functions – regardless of the type of subscription. However, it doesn’t change the fact that the most cost-effective is purchasing a higher plan unless we know in advance that we will be using the application for a certain period only.

4. Easy and clean interface

The application window should be clean and easy-to-use, and all functions should be clearly visible and intuitive. A VPN software is as effective as how much are we able to use different options. If you aren’t experienced user and you don’t feel up to experiment with the various settings, you should choose more automated software. The lack of numerous settings is probably negative for certain users, but is it not true that the most of us use the standard configuration, already tested and running? The conclusion is simple: if you don’t need to configure the VPN connection yourself – save your time and let the software doing it. Before you buy the application, make sure that the selected software has built-in automatic mechanisms.VPN overviews

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