Best of the Web Directory Coupon Code

If you own a website it’s probably a good idea to submit it to a few established, popular  web directories. And when it comes to directories Best Of The Web is one of the most visited and popular so a submission there is a great thing to do to get some extra traffic and exposure . They do offer a free submitting but you will way more traffic if you upgrade, pay a small fee and have Your website listed in the Premium directory section. And since we all like saving money – here is a coupon you can use and save a little.

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A little more about – The Best of the Web or BOTW is the Internet’s oldest web directory. Best of the Web originally was founded in 1994 by Brandon Plewe, a student of the State University of New York. Brandon created a platform that allowed the online community to voice their opinions by nominating and then voting for a variety of “best-of-class” websites that branched out into several categories.

Since the earliest conception of the Web Awards the Best of the Web directory was transformed into a web directory that focuses on well designed, content-rich websites. Best of the Web is host to websites that deal with refinancing a mortgage to party planning to choosing the perfect college. Thousands of Internet users have made BOTW their first stop when searching for information.

Best of the Web can be described as progressive, innovative and indispensable to the Internet community. The directory enables the online community to search for information while avoiding an overwhelming amount of spam that is associated with most search engines. On top of being an irreplaceable Internet resource Best of the Web provides an avenue for webmasters to promote their website by reaching a bigger target audience. If you want your sites to get listed on this high quality directory, don’t forget to use the BOTW coupon posted above. I know this post is not much about ( or is not all 😉  VPNs and/or ProXPN as this website is generally about but it might be useful to some webmasters to have this coupon code deal handy and save money.

Note : I found this coupon code here on this site and even thou it’s a bit  old it did work for me when I tried it.