StrongVPN Review and Promo Codes

This part 3 of my reviews of other VPN service and today I’ll review StrongVPN.

Too many good things about this VPN service. StrongVPN is almost the No. 1 personal VPN provider all over the world for past two years. StrongVPN official website also posts many customers’ review with real time style. Users get credit by posting their positive comments online which push the StrongVPN sales to its best possible position.

StrongVPN has best VPN support website designed for end users, their online support documents are very well made with such a detail information included.

StrongVPN operates a huge network of almost 600 servers in 25 countries around the world. The list of available VPN server locations includes popular destinations like USA, UK, Canada, Germany or Netherlands, and more atypical ones like Luxembourg, Malaysia or Russia. Some of the servers support OpenVPN, while others are configured for PPTP/L2TP/SSTP.  Note: StrongVPN offers 128 bit Blow-fish encryption for its OpenVPN service, which is widely considered less secure.

StrongVPN online support team is very responsible, for whatever questions sent to the support team online, the comprehensive answers for all requests can be received in less then couple hours. StrongVPN also features live support, which may come in handy if you are in urgent need of assistance.

StrongVPN offers users the option to change server (hopper) during the service term. Different service plan can provide different maximum time for you to change server from one country to the other. Which is pretty convenient if users need frequently access websites from US and UK etc.

StrongVPN is one of the VPN service and however still the strongest one. They have an impressive network of servers and excellent technical support. The biggest drawbacks with StrongVPN is the relative high price you have to pay ($10) if you want a VPN accounts from both USA, Europe and Asia. Unfortunately they don’t have any coupons or promo codes or any deals at the moment – I tested a few codes posted on other coupon websites but none were working. So the price is $10 a month as of right now or $5.83 if you sign up for their 1 year plan. StrongVPN offers a 5 day money back which is on the short side but still 5 days is enough to get a general idea how they perform.

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This post was last updated June 30, 2017 to reflect our most current findings.