How to use the ProXPN coupon provided here

Well, since Our site is not like some of the other fancy coupon sites our there who use Java and other “advanced” techniques to easily copy the promo codes from their website and than paste in the website where the coupon will be used, I decided to post this quick guide how in deed to use use our ProXPN coupon.

So as you probably already know from the original ProXPN coupon and review article – the best code available right now is MEGA12. There are basically 2 very easy ways to use it :

  1. Copy from our site and paste on the official ProXPN website . Since as I humbly  already admitted  we don’t have Java here so you will have to manually copy the promo code – You can double click on in and it will get high-lightened than just use right click on it with your mouse and hit “copy”. Than go to ProXPN’s website here –  It will look exactly just like this:

proxpn coupon image 1

find  the box labeled ” enter coupon code” – right click and “paste” it. And lastly – hit that big “Apply Coupon Code” button and it will all set and activated. The end result should look just like this :

  • proxpn see savings with coupon2. Method #2 is .. well just memorize the damn thing:) It’s quite simple and easy to remember – the word “MEGA” and the number “12” .  Remember all that info, head over to the official site and manually type it in – Voila, you are saving money

That’s about it , nothing really to it. Sorry for the lack of fancy codes but I think You can handle it:) Either copy/paste the coupon or use your mental powers .

Either way – enjoy the savings! At the end of the day – that’s what this site is all about, so save you a few bucks which you really don’t need to spend when you have the option to use a promo code;)