Did you know these 5 awesome uses of your VPN?

Watch Netflix 

From the UK and got a Netflix subscription? Then as a paying Netflix subscriber you’re getting a vastly smaller library of content than your US cousins simply because you were not blessed with a US passport. Sucks right? Easily fixed.
Spin up your ProXPN account, pick a USA IP and connect to Netflix using your existing subscription and  boom! 200% increase in the value of the subscription. No more waiting for content and no more having to go elsewhere to get it.

Catch up on BBC iPlayer

Catch up on BBC iPlayer when not in the UK . BBC iPlayer is the gold standard in TV catch up services, it is truly awesome. Problem is, if you’re not in the UK physically, you get told to take a hike – even if you have paid your TV License Fee.
Solution? ProXPN and an IP from the UK pool and sit back and catch up on the Sports, Radio and Entertainment that the BBC are so good at creating – wherever you are, and without having to download it ahead of time. It even works on your iPad, iPhone or Android device.

Catch up with Hulu

Hulu is another awesome TV  Service – this time being a central point for nearly all US TV, available for free online – as long as you are physically stood in the US.
Again much like iPlayer, ProXPN VPN  have the remedy – just  connect to the US VPN Service from anywhere in the world and you can sit back and watch US TV from around the globe.

Pandora Anywhere

Pandora is one of the best Internet Radio platforms out there and has access to a huge back catalog of music – perfect for discovering new music whilst also listening to music you already know. Can you guess what the problem is? That’s right, you have to be physically in the US because the record companies can’t help but completely miss the point of the Internet.
Probably the single most important, but least understood, reasons to own your own Personal VPN is simple security. Public WiFi is everywhere, and we all use it – the problem is, it is really not secure. If you type in any passwords when connected to Public WiFi, you need a VPN. Worse, if you enter your credit card details, you need a VPN.
Why? Because your connection to the Hotspot – the make it convenient – is not encrypted, and because it is basically connecting via radio – anyone can listen in on it, or pretend to be a legitimate Hotspot when they are not. A report in October 2012 by the Cloud Security Alliance highlighted the problem. Hackers are getting more advanced and are targeting people (not just companies and governments) to clean out their checking accounts and it is frighteningly easy to do.
So, in this war for information, why would you not use tools designed to make such attacks impossible? The ProXPN Free and Premium Packages all offer bullet proof security using our start of the art VPN Services to protect your Internet connection from eavesdropping and snooping. Just connect, and stop worrying.