BTGuard VPN Review

This is a continuation of our reviews series of other VPN providers not named ProXPN. If you would like to read the rest of these please refer to the “Blog” section of the website. Today we take a closer look at a Canadian VPN service provider named BTGuard – you can  visit their official site here.

If you’re searching for a VPN service that takes your online privacy seriously, BTGuard is bound to show up among the top contenders. Moreover, if you use torrents, then you should give this company serious consideration.

Admittedly, there are many VPN services that allow the use of torrents, but none comes close to the commitment BTGuard shows towards unhindered torrent use.

However, BTGuard does not only cater to torrent users but also to regular VPN users. And since the company is based in Canada where, like the US, there are no mandatory data retention laws, they do not maintain any user logs and this is a huge plus for privacy.

BTguard VPN

Pricing and Plans

BTGuard offers only two simple plans each with a flat rate. The first one is the BitTorrent Proxy plan that costs $6.95 per month. With this plan, you get a custom-built BitTorrent client that is fully anonymized to ensure privacy.

The second plan is the regular VPN that’s offered at $9.95. This plan offers the usual VPN services such as securing your data, unblocking censored websites, and masking your IP. In addition, users are allowed to use torrent as well as anonymous email.Servers and Network

BTGuard’s network is spread across three strategic locations worldwide including Canada, Netherlands, and Singapore. Admittedly, this is a small network compared to other providers, but the company seems to focus on performance rather than numbers. Moreover, they have a niche user base (mostly torrent users) residing within the territories covered by their network.

The company’s official website doesn’t disclose the number of servers in their pool, but it’s not hard to figure out that it is a small number of servers going by the network coverage.

Security and Privacy

BTGuard gets very high marks for privacy. The company’s privacy policy states that they neither collect nor record IP addresses and usage details for their users. They do, however, collect personal information for billing purposes only. Users are provided with full information about the management and policies relating to handling of any personal info collected at registration. They appear transparent in their policy statement and no users have come out to complain about any breach of trust regarding mishandling of personal info.

The company offers OpenVPN and PPTP protocols with up to 256-bit AES encryption, which is strong enough for sensitive data. And it’s reassuring to know that the 256-bit OpenVPN is the default configuration for all connections, thus confirming the fact that BTGuard is serious about security and privacy.

Customer Support

For all their commitment to online privacy and security, BTGuard’s Achilles’ heel is customer support. Over the past couple of months, the company was under fire in various user forums for poor customer support. In particular, users were complaining of slow responses and a generally poor attitude toward customer service.

But user experiences differ and one person’s views cannot be used to judge a company’s performance in that particular area.

They do offer elaborate setup instructions on the support page as well as a ticketed email system and a knowledge base area.

In conclusion BTGuard is not a bad choice for VPN. They do take their user’s privacy seriously and provide  good level of protection but comes with a few minor disadvantages like a bit higher price and not so stellar customer support. At the time of this article we couldn’t find any deals or coupons to bring the price down but this might very well not be the case in the future so before buying just do a quick Google search and if you see a good promotion – jump on it. But if you need to pay full prize, well ProXPN is currently a better alternative to stay anonymous online with their combination of price, speed and online privacy protection. You can also take a look at Our most recent find in the VPN World – They came in highly recommended by a friend and did not disappoint in Our tests. Read the full review and their latest coupon code deals here in this post.

Post updated July 4, 2017