AstrillVPN Review and Coupons

I’ve decided to include a few other VPN providers here on the website, the main focus is of course ProXPN but why not take a look at a few other VPN companies and see what they offer and compare?  Let’s start with a smaller, not that well known provider like Astrill VPN.

Astrill VPN uses 128 bit encrypted SSL tunnel for VPN connection, it makes internet service safe and secure from different hacking attacks. Astrill can help you to secure instance Airport’s WiFi Hotspots access, or from hotels as well as internet cafes. Astrill VPN is also very helpful for broadband connections in some countries to help not filter by the ISP’s authority.  Astrill VPN support BT and VOIP applications, allows the user to bypass different geographical restrictions by not disclosing your actual IP address. The Astrill VPN service also allows you to secure the connections for all the programs you use for instance News, FTP, Email, Skype or any other that makes use of internet connection.

Astrill VPN service offers very much cost effective plans. The package includes open L2TP, VPN, SSTP, as well as PPTP connections around 60 countries. The price of this deal is just 49 dollars per year, which is simply phenomenal. Moreover, it is also quite easy and simple to use due to plug & play feature.

Astrill is able to support multiple technologies that include Astrill VPN, L2TP, PPTP, Open VPN, as well as SSTP. Open VPN is very secure and safe in order to connect from Linux, Mac, as well as PC. However, it is recommended that make use of L2TP as well as PPTP for using internet services from iPad, Android as well as iPhone.

Another very useful feature of this VPN service is that it does not affect the speed of internet connection at all unlike many other VPN service providers. You may compare the speed of Download as well as upload before and after the connection with Astrill, you will not find any difference in the speed.

Currently and unfortunately there are no Astrill coupons available, what you see on their website is the price you will pay. The best offer is the 1 year plan for $69.95 which ain’t that bad in general but not as cheap as ProXPN’s price. If I see any Astrill VPN coupons and deals I’ll update this blog post accordingly.