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proxpn coupon

Since you are on this website you probably already know what VPN is and who ProXPN are, but for the relatively new folks to this whole VPN ordeal here are some commonly asked questions. Read them up if you need to and than grab the ProXPN coupon and save a few buck:

Q. So why exactly ProXPN, what’s so special about them?

A. ProXPN is not some new, fly-by, just popped  on the horizon company. The have been around for a few years now and have built a rock solid reputation for reliability, speed and customer service. A  big advantage they have over the other VPN providers is their price – a standard monthly VPN bill is around $10 and up , with ProXPN you pay less then 4 bucks with the yearly plan and a ProXPN coupon.

Q. OK cool, sounds good but I really don’t want to just take your word for it. Can I test drive the service for free?

A. Absolutely ! ProXPN has a 100% free plan. Just download the software and give it a try.

Q. So what’s the difference between the free plan and the Premium, paid plan ?

proxpn coupon code compare plans

A. With the Free Plan you get all the necessary things you need to stay protected and anonymous when you surf the net like anonymous IP addresses, OpenVPN, encrypted web-browsing and unlimited data transfer and connection time . With the paid Premium plan you get all the bells and whistles available out there – everything from the free plan (naturally) plus PPTP connectivity, access to world wide VPN servers, torrenting , VPN Guard and support for IOS and Android mobile devices.

Q. So  I can use their VPN on my cell phone?

A. Yes, with the Premium plan you get full protection on all Your devices – PC, Mac, Iphone, Ipad and all the Android phones and tablets. To get anonymity on Your mobile device  all you have to do is get the app you need  from either the App Store or Google Play ( the apps are free) and follow the simple instructions . The whole mobile phone/tablet set up takes less than 1 minute on average.

Q. That was going to be actually my next question – I’m not very tech-savvy , how hard is it to get the software set up on my PC or Mac ?

A. No worries, the process is easy and only takes a few minutes, most of which will be You waiting for the files to be downloaded  and install on your machine. It’s all well explained on the official website.

Q. How many servers are available with ProXPN?

A. At the time of writing  this post they have  18 servers in different parts of the World. Some of them are located in the USA –  New York, Dallas, LA, Chicago, San Jose and Seattle and some are international  located in London, Amsterdam, Zurich, Singapore, Paris and a few other places. For the most current list of ProXPN’s server please check their website

Q. Does ProXPN keep any logs and do they share these logs with anybody?

A. No and no! As its stated in their Privacy Policy – they do NOT keep any logs about connection times, activity, or origin IPs. Its pretty simple – what’s not collected at first place cannot be requested. For Premium  users, this also includes payment details such as name and billing cycle.

Q. OK fine, sounds good. But can you explain one more time – why exactly should I use a VPN? What are the benefits?

A. Anybody who is concerned about their online privacy should use either a private proxy ( a great way to stay safe. If that’s the direction you want to proceed with your online privacy you should take a look at BlazingSEO LLC. For your convenience and to save a little here are their coupons and deals)  or a VPN (stands for Virtual Private Network)  when browsing the internet. The first and main reason is of course to keep Your privacy. Any 5th grader with a bit of skills and a  simple tool can run a trace-route and know Your IP and approximate  location in seconds. With ProXPN Your IP and location are hidden behind a global server network and  encrypted with a 2048 encryption key which  ensures that Your online browsing stays as it should be, private, and nobody can record or monitor  the sites You visit. By “nobody” ProXPN mean nobody – the government, the internet service providers, identity thieves or Your noisy neighbors.   A VPN service comes in very handy if you do surf the net while connected on public WiFi as in coffee shops, airports, McDonald’s and so on . A lot of folks use VPN to access websites that are blocked in their respected countries by the government or by certain internet providers – not every country in the world has the Freedom we have here in USA, as ridiculous as it may sound but in some parts of the world even popular mainstream websites like Twitter and MySpace, just to name a few, are being blocked and are not accessible! A good  VPN service takes care of that  and unlocks those blacklisted sites with a few clicks. Another big reason to use “protection” while on the internet is to protect Yourself from fraud and identity theft. While connected to ProXPN, no one can intercept information such as your credit card numbers, passwords, instant messages, or any other sensitive details ,as we said – it’s all encrypted and safe. To summarize all this in a few words -ProXPN costs $3.75 a month on the yearly  plan with proXPN coupon, that’s less than a cup of Starbucks coffee and You get Your online privacy back, it’s as simple as that.

Q. Not a real question – I just wanted to say “oh my ..” 🙁

A. Yep ,the more you read about how easy it is for anybody to track Your online activities the scarier it gets.

Q. How do I get in touch with ProXPN’s customer service team?

A. That’s easy and there are plenty of ways to contact their support team and get answers. The easiest way in by simply giving them a call at 1-888-721-1337. Another option is by email : or you can chat with a representative on Twitter on their official account which is @proxpn.

Q. Can I add another layer of anonymity and pay with Bitcoins? 

A. Yes! You can pay with either Your MasterCard or Visa credit card, PayPal or if You’d like – Bitcoins.

Q. What are some of the most popular uses of a VPN software?

A. There are many many good, absolutely legit uses of a VPN. Many governments limit their citizens internet access, and many websites like to track their users a little bit too much to out it mildly. Some of the most useful things you can do with a VPN are to watch movies online from sites like Netflix and Hulu, access popular social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook, play poker online if there are restrictions in your jurisdiction (remember to always use a good poker HUD when playing, here are some options) and many more. The most popular use is of course staying safe and as anonymous as possible. ProXPN is a great choice to do all of the above!

Q. OK, I’m sold! So again – how much can I save if I sign up for ProXPN’s services and use promo code MEGA12?

A. If you sign up for the 3 months plan the savings will be 40% and Your monthly price will be $5.99. If you go for the 6 months plan the discount goes up to 50% and the monthly cost is 5 bucks. The biggest savings are on the 12 month plan – here you get 62% OFF and the monthly bill is only $3.75. These percentages are based on the regular 3 month price of $119.80 for 1 year of VPN service and by using ProXPN coupon code MEGA12. Naturally we suggest and recommend getting the yearly plan so You can take advantage of  the best price available – plus don’t forget that all Premium plans come with a full 30 days risk-free trail – You don’t like the service, just cancel it within 30 days.






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